Bishop Eddie Long ordered to cough up cash to scammed ATL church members

eddie long

I’m not sure if Bishop Eddie Long have given up on taking selfies in spandex or whether or not he’s still cruising the church aisles for young tenderoni’s that are willing to prostitute themselves for cash and gifts, but it may be safe to say that his peen munching days have definitely been halted for the past year or so as he battled with angry church members over an alleged Ponzi scheme with scam artist Ephren Taylor that he helped lead them into resulting in some of them losing their entire life savings.

Congregation members laid the holy-smackdown on the Bishop with a hearty lawsuit and after months of fighting they’ve finally reached an agreement on the issue.. sort of.

-NewsOne reports;

Thirteen members of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church managed to recoup some of their monetary investments in a civil suit against controversial Bishop Eddie Long (pictured left) and alleged Ponzi scheme financial guru Ephren Taylor (pictured). The victim’s settlement was kept under wraps and neither Long nor Taylor have admitted to any wrongdoing, according to My Fox Atlanta.

The former parishioners accused Long of prodding them in to investing in a company that was operating the alleged Ponzi scheme. After Long introduced Taylor as his “friend and brother,” the congregants reportedly lost more than $1 million investing in the self-described “social capitalist’s” nonexistent ventures. (NO)