Nicki Minaj’s wigmaker pissed over stolen wig styles and blames the MC for axed reality show, sues for 30 million


The culprit behind some of Nicki Minaj’s most busted looking wigs from her 2010 Marge Simpson era is fuming hot claiming that he was offered a reality show back then while working as Nicki’s wigmaker but was talked out of doing it by Nicki due to the impact that she felt it would have on their business relationship…

Not too much longer after that conversation the wacky wigmaker was given the boot and left to kick rusty cans down skid row as Nicki moved on to someone new… and better from the looks of it. Now he is smacking Minaj upside the head with a hearty new lawsuit to the tune of 30 mill for “damages”…

-TMZ Reports;

Terrence Davidson claims in his lawsuit … he’s a big reason for Nicki’s success.  He rewinds to 2010, when he created what he calls a panoply of “fresh, hip and unique wigs” … including the pink upper bun wig, the fox fur wig, the pink high top wig, the Superbass wig and the half blond-half pink wig.
Davidson says Nicki not only stole his designs and marketed them herself, she even talked him out of a multi-million dollar reality show deal because she claimed it would ruin their partnership. Davidson wants a minimum of $30 million. (TMZ)