Rapper Christ Bearer cuts off his dick and jumps from a second story balcony in an attempted suicide


As a man I have to say that what’s been swangin’ between my legs since birth have to be the most precious thing on earth, he’s always there when I need him, he makes me feel good when I’m stressed, and even though he can be extra firm and long-winded at times he’s never had any complaints or let me down…

So I’m sitting here trying to figure out why any man would want to cut his dick off? What level of mental turmoil or emotional distress can cause a man to get rid of the one thing that’ll make him and others feel good? I’ve smoked some of the best green from ATL to Mars and I’ve never been trippin on anything so hard that I felt the need to pull my pistol out to cut him off…nope. But recently Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Andre Johnson aka ‘Christ Bearer’ did just that, then followed it up by jumping out of a second story building in Hollyweird…

  –TMZ Reports;

Cops were called to an apartment building in North Hollywood at around 1:00 AM and found Andre Johnson on thesidewalk critically injured. Christ Bearer is a member of the rap group Northstar … a group discovered by members of Wu-Tang Clan. Two members of a group Bearer collaborates with live in the same apartment building and tell TMZ they were there early this morning when Christ Bearer suddenly without warning cut off his penis and jumped off the balcony.

They say they were not on “any hard drugs that would cause him to do such a thing.” The two men say they rushed downstairs and Christ Bearer had already jumped up and began screaming incoherently. -TMZ