WATCH: Kat Stacks re-emerges bragging about her new $8,500 booty that was just recently purchased by Q from Worldstar “I only had $270 in medical fees”


Did you have any idea of how much a brand spankin’ new booty was going for these days? There are a lot of chicks here in ATL that probably broker booty deals and payment plans on a weekly basis that could probably easily throw a few estimates out off of the top of their heads depending on the features and the brand of booty that you desire to have, but what about quality?

Well Kat Stacks is now a happy camper after having corrective surgery done on her previous botched buns that was heavily criticized as being a knock-off bootleg booty from Pep Boys, watch as she shows off her newly purchased $8,500 designer booty and yaps about the extra $270 worth of medical fee’s that came along with it…