WATCH: Dru Hill’s Sisqo hit up The Breakfast Club to address gay rumors, being blackballed, and his backstage brawl with Kyle from Jagged Edge

Back in the day Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ definitely had all of the girls in my highschool rocking low-rise jeans with the thong showing and the guys dying their hair all types of colors, and even though the song made Sisqo an instant heart throb for the ladies it still didn’t do much to cool down those gay rumors that’s been hanging over his head since he came on the scene with Dru Hill..

Now with his new project ‘The Last Dragon’ in the pipeline to be released later this year the R&B crooner hit up The Breakfast Club to once again try to clear up the rumors and also dive into his beef with Kyle from Jagged Edge that recently led to a backstage brawl, get an earful under the hood…