Chick Fight? Drake and Diddy scratch it out at Miami’s Club Liv

It’s starting to becoming very clear that celebs don’t really need reality show cameras shining on them in order for them to act like morons in public and drum up some fresh unnecessary lawsuits, It’s hard to tell the grown folks from the kids anymore since ratchet has no age, color, or tax bracket..

Proving once again that the rich can be just as ratchet as the common folk is Diddy and his homegirl Drake who allegedly got into a wicked windmill brawl at Club Liv in Miami over the weekend according to reports..

-MTV News reports;

Miami was filled with celebrities who were winding down Art Basel celebrations over the weekend, but it sounds like things turned sour at club LIV on Sunday night, when Diddy and Drake crossed paths, at a birthday party for DJ Khaled. MTV News was able to confirm the fight with a source who witnessed the incident, while Rick Ross’ DJ, Sam Sneaker, gave a detailed account on his Twitter.

Rumors have swirled that the dispute was over Puff’s longtime girlfriend Cassie, but we’re being told that is untrue. There are also reports that Drake was hospitalized after the scuffle, but MTV News wasn’t able to confirm. MTV News