WATCH: Footage surfaces of R&B singer August Alsina almost catching fade from St Louis goons backstage at a “non-violence” concert

Most of these male R&B singers today only make headlines for falling off stages, smoking cocaine laced blunts, having seizures from drug-use, going to jail, or beating up girls.. but after crooner Jeremih caught headlines recently for cat fighting at Fuddruckers like a high school drop-out, I wasn’t too surprised to hear that karaoke singer August Alsina also tried to play R&B thug while hiding behind bodyguards during an argument with a promoter backstage at a non-violence concert..

Fortunately Alsina avoided getting his bird chest caved-in by dipping off before the chaos erupted so don’t expect to see any hospital photos in the coming days, but you can peep out a clip of the scuffle and some of his performance from the event below..