WATCH: Footage surfaces of Safaree Samuels being verbally assaulted by a pack of broke ratchet dudes in the hood

If you want to know why most celebs don’t go back to their old hood after they become famous, then this clip of Safaree Samuels being attacked by a ratchet mob of dusty broke dudes in Brooklyn should provide you a lot more clarity. If you’re thinking that this dirty rat pack may just have been a bunch of teens looking for their 10 minutes of internet fame, then you’ll be kinda annoyed to find out that most of them don’t look a day less than 30 years old..

He clearly walked through a no flex zone but it didn’t appear that they were trying to rob him, so I’m sure that if he tossed those bums some soap and a few job applications they probably would’ve peacefully left, but instead SB chose to quietly do the moonwalk back to his car and dip out. Peep out the clip and his new video for ‘Multiply’ below..