WATCH: Wendy Williams goes HAM on Karruche Tran “She was with Chris because she is a THOT that’s after the dollar!”


We all know that Wendy Williams never holds her tongue.. But after watching Karruche Tran’s recent interview with Iyanla Vanzant Williams she threw her filter completely out the window as she aired out Chris Brown’s ex on ‘Hot Topics’ over her fraudulent responses regarding their tumultuous relationship..

To keep it simple, the gossip maven says that Tran was only with Chris because “she was a thot that was after the dollar”, so to us young OG’s I guess that means that shawty is a gold digger that was only with a woman beater because he had money and status.. There may be some truth to that theory eh? Get filled-in by Wendy on the reasons why in the clip below..