WATCH: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube take to the streets of Miami in the new trailer for ‘Ride Along’ 2

Ice Cube has gained quite the reputation for being the king of movie sequels in Hollyhood, so after the huge success of ‘Ride Along’ with Kevin Hart it was a no-brainer that parts 2 through 9 were sure to come in the years to follow. Now with Tika Sumpter, Olivia Munn, Sherri Shepard, and director Tim Story back on board, the duo is pushing out the official trailer in support of its January 15th, 2016 release..

-Entertainment Weekly;

Ride Along 2 finds Hart’s police academy graduate character, Ben, tagging along from Atlanta to Miami with Cube’s James to track down a fugitive criminal (the Hangover franchise’s Ken Jeong) just hours before Ben is set to walk down the matrimonial aisle.

“So he’s up against the clock, he’s up against the bad guys and he’s up against me,” Cube explains. And yet: “Him being a gung-ho rookie, he has more attitude than when he was a gung-ho security guard. He’s cocky.” -Entertainment Weekly