• Vins NG James

    Wow amazing

  • Tia Shantel Jones

    Marcie and Brad make the cutest couple i wanted them to work so bad!!!

  • Manisha P. Teranja

    Why am I still watching this so prolonged Tyler thing??
    It’s getting boring by the day!

  • Josie da Goddess

    These struggling episodes are not doing anything for my enjoyment…

  • Dee

    OMG! You noticed too!!!! *hollering* I’m like wait…is it that nasty purple underwear from 3 episodes ago?

  • Dee

    Travis should have snatched Kelly’s wig before dying! I feel disrespected every time I see it.

  • Faith
  • Doris G

    Well Travis is dead, so sad, I wanted him to pull through because the truth needed to come out about him killing Ramsey and what he has done to Kelly.

  • Mujer Bonita

    I wonder if Ian is as sexy and flawless like he looks?

  • QBee

    That Eddie is kinda ‘fucquen’ NYCE!

  • Courtney Washington

    So Travis is dead and Kelly goin to jail but the lawyer wants Marcie so he will end up telling. This episode was boring except for 3 scenes. Brad had me

  • Imagine This

    Why the hell hasn’t Steven changed his damn underwear??

  • Alana kush

    drama drama and more drama needs better actors get rids of scene with leather pantie

  • jus_saying

    “Ba-bye” with the pinky finger wave. Randall cracks me up.

  • India

    Alex gets on my nerves ….she didn’t give one shit about Marcie when she was sleeping with Randal…but got the nerve to be catching feelings over Marcie and Brads relationship


    Alex girl.. I’m so over her playing the victim. Ur lucky Brad is back.. And u have the nerve to demand that he trust u.. Girl bye.. Ur no one he should trust and he’s stupid to even be back at home with u.