• Jayla Ardacia Fox

    I’m so glad both of them captain! They deserved it! Also glad they won battle royale cause crybaby Quincy and bitch ass loriann didn’t want them to win!

  • L0yal4L1f3
  • Lynn
  • mandi

    i definitely dont like that judge with those ugly ass braids lord mercy this was intense but i am sooo proud of both makya and christianna for making captains spot they are amazing and it was a hard decision to pick only one ☝️ great season ladies tune in next yr

  • andelu

    I never liked Lorieane from since she made an appearance on dance moms

  • Sierra Vaughn

    Before I even watched the show I read the comments and I don’t see anything wrong with what Mrs D said because everything was true!!! Laurie Ann didn’t have anything good to say about the Dolls but they went over their time….. She gave every other team what she liked about the routine and what needed work and for the dolls she never did that. I feel like even though the routine was long as long as they were clean, I’m sync, and there was no mistakes what was truly the problem????? I’m happy Mrs D talked to them because she needed to and even with them going over they still won battle royale!!! I’m happy for Crystianna and Maiya and they both will be great captains

  • lilli lilian

    Don’t forget she went from Diddy to a reality tv show where she was crying about not getting the recognition she THINKS she deserves and not being credited for helping MAKE stars, I think Lady Gaga was one of the stars she was whining about not being credited for helping brand…..yeah, she not all dat and her industry peers seem to have made that clear by rejecting her

  • Doris G

    Thank God, they both are CAPTAINS!!!!! Love it, I think they both are deserving, love them both. Always had a soft spot in my heart for Makiya; she does excellent to have asthma. I do not think Laurie Ann was being shady, her critique was what it was; Diana professionalism tainted, because she could not except the critique, yet she can give critique. Of course the DD are phenomenal; learn from or understand the critique, it only makes one better. Even though Laurie Ann dropped some hip hop names, that was not the all in all, because those that know of Laurie Anne knows she has worked with many in the industry.

  • Lisa Lisa

    Quentin having his soap opera moment and storming off the stage was funny af. Boy, bye

  • Made Jade

    Dianna needs to learn how to rant to the side because those kids don’t need to hear all that unnecessary cursing because she’s against a judge’s comment or opinion even though it was uncalled for and shady. My coach never did all that hollering in front of my team. Encourages disrespect. Keep it PG.
    but congrats to both girls!

  • kiwi

    …i was about to be mad if they wouldn’t have got either one, cuz that would have been all laurie ann’s hating…even tho coach d shouldn’t have took all the time+

  • kiwi

    …exactly & they definitely should’ve got stand battle

  • Straightshooter

    Lorianne aint all dat She went from Diddy to judging children’s competition. lol

  • Straightshooter

    Some of those “babies” big as hell!

  • Kierra Beans

    Lorieane definitely said that to throw shade , she didn’t even tell the girls what they DID do well , smh & I disagree with the stand battle decision but

  • QBee

    I never liked Laurieann…from making the band to current date…she’s very pretentious

  • Sed

    “Book Kat” (LoriAnne) is always dropping names. She’s thirsty to be on a show. Coach D will not allow her to come and try to potentially have a reoccurrence on her dance show like she did with Abby Lee’s show.

  • JonDi Design

    Sometimes less is more. But the constant shade is uncalled for.