Empire Season 5 Episode 6 – ‘What Is Done’

On episode 6, Lucious bets on the chance to meet an up-and-coming rapper in a high-stakes poker game, while Cookie takes to the streets to find untapped talent. Meanwhile, Hakeem refuses to leave the studio when his rage inspires what he considers his best music yet and Jamal finds himself at a crossroads when Becky claims he’s spending too much time with Kai.

  • Josie da Goddess

    Exactly….and she still looks good to me..

  • Jazzy Woods

    Luscious mama probably died. I been trying to put it together and eliminate people.

  • India

    Crabs in the bucket…don’t like the show but the first to watch it …

  • India

    He dosent have AIDS he’s HIV positive
    It’s a big difference …Magic Johnson has HIV and he’s living healthy …

  • Lamont

    @RealInsight The CREATOR/DIRECTOR of this show is GAY, for one, and the fact that his show even has mostly heterosexuals as main and supporting characters shows HE’s open minded and not pushibg his sexuality on anyone. He’s gay so it’s only natural for him to make one of the main characters one who he can relate to. He flat out said what he was trying to do with this show from day 1; there’s no hidden agenda with Empire. You’re either cool with the gay AND straight subject matter and enjoy the show or you just don’t watch. It’s as simple as that.

  • k a r l b

    I agree, every week you got folks complaining about the show.

  • Breauna Fullington

    She got an abortion

  • Deano Fergi

    U know what my bad I apologies did not know that’s y I shld not judge

  • Courtney Wheeler

    Wood Harris! aww shit

  • Pebbles

    Cookie need to give Porsha a recording contract

    Becky said Jamal is a low key ho

    Becky , Jamal & his boo had me laughing hard.

    Cookie mis going to have to learn the hard way

    Wait if he is grieving who died?

    This was a decent episode.

  • Pebbles

    He do and his menzzzzz Be kute too!

    Every season he in luv & this is the one

  • Shada Dayday Geekergirl

    Yoo dnt disrespect her like that .. tisha is sick sick.. she has the same illness Bernie Mac died frm.. smh

  • Su Ja


  • Tracey Trigga Woods Williams

    I think this season is good too. If people don’t like don’t watch.

  • Lucious Lyon

    Don’t watch then sis and Kai has HIV not Aids.

  • RealInsight

    Every season Jamal is with some other man and just because he’s gay that doesn’t exempt him from being a hoe. Cookie did not know Kai had AIDS and Jamal should have told his mother beforehand. At the end of the day it’s his personal choice to be with someone who is putting him at risk but Jamal just has a pattern of being so dumb and gullible in relationships like it’s sickening to watch. I’m tired of the show revolving around who Jamal is sleeping with that’s not worth his time. Hakeem has NOT developed as a character and they are destroying Andre’s character, first going to jail then those hideous fake tattoos and now a necklace. They are forcing homosexuality on this show.

  • Inipow

    Long read , enter at your own risk
    I dont know why everyone is complaining about this episode it was quite dynamic . So many emotional break throughs , reckonigs , reveals and innuendo . Wait I just reread that I’m caping too damn hard lol!

    Any way . That Becky usually annoys the hell out of me and I can’t wait till she has to humble herself and return to the lions. I really loved how they handled the dynamics of the true hag relationship . Honty when your besty is that one you go through manty ups and downs. From bailing out of jail. 3 am pickups , countless relationships ugh just drama. So I understood and they made Becky human . Well done Queen Perry ! That image of the taking off the tube too was a no for me .

    That love bond with cookie and luscious #lovegoals Making mogul moves each using their strengths Cookie able to be vulnerable and strong and move the crowd Luscious scheming cunning and charismatic. No rah rah about him , real bad boys move in silence. Yass, leave a bitch wet with it .

    Jamal whining all about me ass, being told you not the only one who loss . Andre Black Jesus need some disciples to go along with it mature and strong making retribution err where slaying demons and shit . The 3 Dusty Divas realizing what luscious brought to the game.

    And the biggest of all the glance at why Data Boy going this hard against Luscious , intro Small head Bald head the money man looking like the villain in Austin Powers (where the cat at Queen Daniels?) Btw-Those photos looked photo shopped as hell to me and getting closer to finding out whose in the casket.

    What I miss? Nothing this was a good episode . Is Porsche going to get a chance at the artist thing ? Are they gonna spend ENTY money on Becky and Porscha wardrobe? Trisha Campbell tries so hard…bless her ministry .

  • Vee

    I wish they made Porsha a rapper on here

  • Deano Fergi

    Yup i I was shocked black people usualy age good bu I guess unfortunately for her even though she black she has the same skin tone as some white people. So she was not a blessed with the slow aging most of us have

  • Deano Fergi

    I was excited but this episode was a left down. That hair does not suit Tisha

  • Carsha Lei

    either i’m confused af or these cheetos were actually edibles……

    ps….Gina aged worst than left out bologna

  • Deano Fergi

    Early upload ad yes!

  • Jettson Garner Ames Green