Star Season 3 Episode 6 – ‘Ante Up’

On episode 6, Star and Noah confide in each other about their relationship issues and Simone is put in a sticky situation when Jackson is cast as her co-star in a movie. Meanwhile, Derek’s keeping a secret, Cotton’s suspicions about Cassie grow and Xander pushes Cassie to find the rat in her organization.

  • Breeyona

    Who does she sound like?

  • Breeyona

    Do you know what the song is called towards the end where star and Jackson are in the bedroom and she tells him that the song isn’t about Noah????????

  • Breeyona

    Do you have an idea of who they sound like?????

  • Shacora L Jones

    Man the music on this show is so Good! Take 3 really be having hits! Yellow tape was a mf bop!
    The girl that plays STAR is a really good actor cus she really has me not likin her extra ass lmao
    Why does her belly have to be out in every single outfit. They got her look tacky/ghetto as hell this season. Pregnant bodies are beautiful, but they have her in some tacky shit in every scene. No pregnant woman walks around like that everyday!

  • Stacey George

    Her hair looks a mess also. Its old looking for her

  • Esohe Faith Egabor

    Me too asking same question

  • CocoaBeee

    Babeeeyy they killed yellow tape sheeshh!

  • Tracey Deanne

    They keep repeating “all this room” and “no room” so probably along those lines

  • Élamè Mikhaela Kimberly

    Aswear I too I be looking for it like bruhh

  • Breeyona

    I wish I did lol

  • Esther Cole

    I just have this scary feeling that starz baby is gna come out black!

  • Bright Smile Miss Wilder

    Does anyone know the song that came on when Jackson and star was kissing on the bed at the end of the show..

  • Keke Johnson

    Right that’s what I’m saying

  • Lovë 22

    These episodes must’ve been recorded during up until the time Queen Latifah’s mom passed away, hence her absence.

    Why is Star/Jude not full clothed yet? Didn’t I ask a few weeks ago for them to put a full shirt on her!

    I keep telling yall that Noah is that baby Pappy lol

  • Breeyona

    What’s the song called if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Queen Dargan

    Yeah. I do know.

  • you do know this is a scripted show right?

  • Taretta

    YELLOW TAPE was the SHIT!!!!!!!!!! hahahahh they did that!

  • YoungFabulous

    please can you put some clothes on this pregnant woman omg fire the stylist

  • Breeyona

    Does anyone know what the song is called at 41:34????????????