• WiserWords2

    Just watched the first episode–I’m hooked! I love the intimacy They’re both very open.

  • ruprah

    Love this show and love Michelle and Chad. Rooting for them!!!

  • Ms. Mk

    I love these 2! Michelle has to let that man love her- all of her- mental illness and all. She has some visible fears, I can understand that, but not worth losing love for. I love her quirky side, though. Chad seems to be an amazing guy and I would love to see more of their story.

  • BriBitch

    I have dated a white boy before and at that he was Russian so you shut it

  • guerline

    cannot explain somethimg to someone that don’t know what it’s all about. people always wanna think that things are easy when they are not part of

  • Lele

    I am really enjoying this show!!! I love her personality and Chad seems like a wonderful man. Good luck guys!!!!!!

  • GG

    You clearly have not dated interracially, so you keep missing the point. If you don’t know what you’re talking about just shut up

  • Ugo Tai

    Why did Michelle agree to do this show?…we are seeing so much of her character…Lets hope it doesn’t damage her public image..

  • BriBitch

    Oh boy thats the world’s issue fuck what ppl think is it illegal ??? what difference is you making

  • GG

    Many people still feel the need to make a comment when black women date interracially. It’s not childish, it’s a real issue and it has to stop. I’m glad she’s talking about it

  • Causewhy?

    A lot of people dragged her for dating outside her race actually.

  • Nikkihatch

    Hmmm I might watch episode 2. I grew up with destiny child so go Michelle!!

  • BriBitch

    Michelle too old for this shit it’s about to be 2019 in less than 2 months … What it’s like 5% or 10% who care about you dating a white man.. No 2nd Season

  • C K

    I hope pastor Chad knows what he’s in for marrying someone with serious mental illness. He’s in for a whoooole lot. Even without the mental illness she’s a lot.

  • 2sweet

    Great to see other views of race chad seems cool but time will tell Michelle needs to get a thicker skin i sense alot of fear n distrust