Chad Loves Michelle Season 1 Episode 5 – ‘Nurse Chad’

On episode 5, a tense therapy session raises questions about Chad’s role in the relationship, Michelle’s self-care. Meanwhile, Michelle returns to the studio while Chad plans a sermon, and Chad and Michelle meet with another couple who offer inspiration as well as a challenge.

  • Ms. Mk

    I’m disappointed at the way Chad switched up from the visit with the pastors to the car. I mean, he confused the hell out of me!! So I can imagine Michelle’s feelings at that point. Not cool.

  • Ms. Mk

    Very well said!

  • Love XOXO

    Me too!! I was like hold on lmao that man sound black

  • nat

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  • Alanna Miller

    I totally agree!!!! I kept saying that as I watched the show! I was like why did he propose if he doesn’t know if he wants to be with her or not. That was weird to me! Especially because if a man makes that commitment, that means he’s serious. I wonder if he proposed out of pressure because he knew that was something Michelle really wanted? I do think he loved her, but when he saw and realized all the baggage she came with, I think he realized that he couldn’t handle it. It was easier for him to just place the blame on her instead of admitting that he wasn’t prepared or wanted to deal with all of that.

  • Lyneshia Hall

    I totally agree with you! But for somes reason, I’m still just shocked. And yes, it’s always better to figure this out before marriage, but that wishy washy while engaged was working my nerves for sure. People always talk about how marriage is just a sheet of paper, and technically that’s all it is and to grant certain rights with the courts, but spiritually (which they subscribe to) is a covenant of commitment. Honestly, I almost feel like once a man makes that decision to but a ring, he has entered that covenant process and he should be ready to vow for better or for worse that day. Likewise, when a woman says yes, she should be able to vow the same immediately. The engagement (to me) begins the spiritual covenant, the wedding day is for others to bear witness and get the paperwork signed off. So yeah, if you can’t commit to each other through engagement, that’s a red flag.

  • Straightshooter

    Yeah She done took the damn ring off Ahhgain! I can’t wit her. I need her to siddown somewhere and leave Chad alone.

  • Alanna Miller

    Honestly I’m not surprised. I saw it coming. Both of them were too wishy washy with getting married. One day they wanted and the next they didn’t. They could never get on the same page. When one was ready, the other wasn’t. I think this is good though because rather it be now than after they were married. Michelle has a lot of healing to do. I deal with depression as well and I made the conscious decision not to date until I find that happiness and peace within myself first. When you’re broken, you depend on others for your happiness when you need to find it in you. Because if things don’t work out, that “happiness” will go right along with them.

  • Lyneshia Hall

    Yall heard the news?

  • Lyneshia Hall

    Ummmm… yall heard the news!?! I’m in disbelief and need yall to chat with, lol

  • Straightshooter

    Yeah that’s not a good sign. A confused man aint nothin to play wit but I feel like Michelle might be partially to blame because he said she took that ring off and called off the engagement a few times. Now they both wishy washy as hell!

  • Straightshooter

    When he san Hell Nah I fell out. lmao

  • bossrere

    i really hope that michelle gets the help that she needs because chad SEEMS like a great man.
    however i am a little confused as to why he said on thing in front of the pastor and by the time they got to the car he changed his mind

  • R C

    If my notification weren’t on I wouldn’t have known about it neither.

  • Pebbles

    I completely forgot about this show

  • GG

    Idk what it is, but they don’t really seem to have chemistry. But they’re in front of a camera and we don’t know how they are behind closed doors so…