Chad Loves Michelle Season 1 Episode 6 – ‘One Last Twerk’

On episode 6, Chad and Michelle are dealing with their wedding date argument, but head off to South Carolina for a busy weekend full of friends and ministry events. While there, Michelle worries about living up to the first lady expectations she has for herself.

  • EagleEyes

    Chad was way more loving and affectionate before her breakdown….bottom line it freaked him out and triggered the PTSD associated with his Daddy issues….Michelle does treat him like a friend not the homie/lover l would expect in a loving relationship.He thought he won lotto dating Michelle Williams but instead he got Tenitra…at least he didn’t dump her and run….shit I’ve heard of husbands who leave there wives after a cancer diagnosis…he wanted therapy and who wouldn’t when somebody ends up in a mental hospital for a week…..she could try to take her own life and he’s not sure of he’s strong enough to deal with that….they don’t even know each other in the long run to even be engaged…on a side note….he need to take a DNA test cause he is mixed with black somewhere….

  • Bey Martinez

    Chad is insecure. Michelle… run!!! Something is not right about him.

  • sWe3tCinDeeh

    The sister!
    She’s too much as is

  • Pebbles

    After watching the episode with his sister It seems as if he has his own issues to deal with too .

    Maybe not the season for them but if it’s meant to be they’ll find thier way back to one another

  • Brittany Johnson

    no its not. they are not a good fit- this is a great thing- happy moment

  • Esther Ijeomah

    Really sad!! I just want her to be happy because she seems to be nice and down to earth. .

  • Erica Greene

    Lord, Michelle drinks off of restaurant glasses. LoL. Kidding. I love her. But, I’m sad that they weren’t able to work it out. Maybe just not in this season.

  • nat

    Guess whooos ready, its me lol Michelle is hilarious

  • nat

    Yeah after seeing that last episode he totally went left in the car, when ppl just tell ppl what they want to hear thats a red flag seems disingenuous.

  • Nikkihatch

    Wow! Dang

  • Nikkihatch

    Omg noooo

  • Esther Ijeomah

    OMG! This is really sad..

  • Raquel Gil

    She announce their split 3 days ago, she even started deleting their pics from her personal IG

  • Esther Ijeomah

    I just love these two together..Pls just get married because God has already bless ur union together

  • tinycurls

    This was never a real relationship. Every fear that Michelle had in the relationship was real. Chad never wanted to be with Michelle. He used her for publicity. He’s all about trying to be famous and be on TV. I’d put anything on it that this whole reality TV thing was his idea. Hopefully, it was a mutual agreement to fake a relationship for TV; otherwise, the whole situation was extra trifling.