RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Episode 1 – ‘Super Queen Variety Show’

With actress Jenifer Lewis grabbing the reins as the guest judge, watch as full slate of all stars from previous seasons return to battle it out for the top spot. For their first challenge, the pack is tapped to cook up a salute to LGBTQ troops in an All Star-Spangled Variety Show.

  • Sauce,kay?

    I’m so happy Manila is back! I feel like Valentina and Naomi proved they can also be funny and goofy this episode, not just pretty faces!

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    She was the same way in her season. She straight up bullied Joslyn Foxx (I think that’s her name).

  • pls 0:51:13 i love the innocent face of valentina here

  • Robin S Argueta

    Yeah she seems really jealous this season…

  • Robin S Argueta

    Yass I had a baby in August and named her Valentina! Sounds kind of stalkerish but she’s a major talent

  • Inipow

    What ? Each week a different challenge ? You don’t say ?

  • Juanita Applebaum

    and so the fuckery begins…we really gotta watch her breakdown again?

  • Dre Marquez

    this is just the first episode. maybe you’ve never seen all stars? but this was also the first challenge of all stars 3. each week there will be a different challenge.

  • Inipow

    Umm , So when did it become a PAGEANT ! I cannot stand pageant queenery . RU!!! Betta not be trying to start some shit by bringing the pageant shit on us slowly . I want to see some good lipsync battles not batons and flags twirling . I want to see the competing looks to themes.

  • Inipow

    Agreed there’s confidence and then there’s whatever the Hell that is . It’s like eating something sickeningly sweet . Just too much .

  • Inipow

    That damn Gia !

  • Inipow

    Jasmine just damn yucky !

  • Jasmine ….yucky ass joke! #punIntended


  • Cubanita

    Finally! Happy to see latrice

  • Quinshareo Garnertolson

    i love monique <3 omg im kinda crushing….lol

  • R C

    Yaassss these queens are bringing it hunni!!!

  • R C

    I was over that sponge and brown cow crap too. I dont care for what’s her face brown cow girl.

  • Myte Myteo

    farrah’s butt looks like a guy butt no hips i wish she atleast pad her hips her burlesqe was alright, pretty basic. i been doing it for 3 years and i hate when people take off their corset and just strut around the rest of the number. Im over sponge and brown cow stuff and please no more wig snatching its desprate. valentina is reason im staying, i love seeing her goofy side.

  • Kisha

    Omg they are all ugly

  • Mike Josh

    why are parts cut off? I wanted to hear Monet, Farrah and Jasmine’s critics. it jumps from Monet’s critics to Ru picking the top 2 queens.


    I would’ve like to see the cry baby leave

  • blowjabba dahut

    Where was the talent? Gia should have been in the top.

  • YoungFabulous

    Please everyone double tape those wigs so they stay on

  • Katrese Martin

    Me either lol

  • LaQuita Quii Lattery

    I couldn’t wait..finally