RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Episode 2 – ‘Super Girl Groups, Henny’

With R&B starlet Ciara grabbing the reins as the guest judge, on episode 2 the All Stars are challenged to form a girl group, write lyrics and perform epic choreographed numbers. Featuring Drag Race legend Stacy Layne Matthews, and Kacey Musgraves.

  • daddysuke

    Yes, Gia is right.. Farrah might not be extremely talented but neither is Gia… and Farrah has a big loving personality, especially compared to Gia. Farrah’s cute personality steals the spotlight and i think Gia’s insecurities are shining through more and more. I actually like Gia and i think she is one of the funniest queens but her personality is getting a bit too mean and nasty. No need for her to be shitting that much on Farrah.

  • daddysuke

    …but you know that’s shady 😉

  • disqus_Sjb7COp5SW already

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    Monique for whatever reason likes to do what I call a “spotlight effect” beat where it looks like a spotlight is on her face, hence her use of clown white contour. What she doesn’t realize is that it makes her look like she has severe 5 o’clock shadow as a result.

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    No tea no shade but…Stacey Lane Bryant Matthews makes Latrice look almost slim by comparison. She needs to slow down on the chow downs…IJS

  • Yummm

    Stunning but she need to pad her body to look femme. Farrah has a skinny boys body.

  • William H Bonnie

    Is there a free site to watch tlc shows or kuwtk

  • Jorge Mansilla

    1. Untuck is free
    2. All stars doesn’t have an untuck
    3. All stars untuck would be the confessionals for no getting eliminated

  • ria

    I saw Monique apply her makeup on cosmo’s Snapchat and sis literally used the palest white to contour smh

  • ria

    Anybody know where I can watch untucked for free?!

  • 2thick4sum


  • Clapbackrealness

    I AM OBSESSED with Valentina. Monique has too go. She still needs more work, her clothes may have went from Goodwill to Walmart but baby still need makeup and wig help. Nothing ever seems to mesh well on her. Even though Farrah cannot dance and is slow, she still has more too offer then Monique and I would have sent Monique home too do more studying. Gia is annoying! Love Mone! Who’s the rest? Lol

  • Pebbles

    I logged in to say Valentino kilt that number

    Mone exchange has a nice personality , banging bod but has questionable style.

    I want to know what is up with Monique makeup isn’t it suppose to blend or something

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    I bet that dummy spent another 30 minutes trying to land a kiss on the mirror…SMDH

  • Miss267

    IMO they are jealous of Farrah period and point blank! I already HATE Gia and Monique! Sorry not sorry

  • Bella Vicious

    Yes! She should’ve been gone… she’s stunn6but the bitch can’t even kiss a mirror right okurrrr

  • Lmao

  • Whoa

    am I the only person that cant stand someone like Gia Gunn

  • Butter

    If you scroll fast…they look like a housewives reunion…

  • R C

    “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag!”

  • kinky twist

    Chile you just told your age ,lol but i do remember that because she had those big broad shoulders lol but she had children so that rumor is FALSE LOL

  • kinky twist

    I LOVE ME SOME VALENTINA .She’s beautiful and hilarious.

  • QBee

    I remember back in the day when that rumour was going around that Ciara was a hermophrodite..nevertheless I thought whatever she was..she was beautiful..still is..I’m bothered at how hard Gia’s dick is for Farah..let her live…focus on yourself Mama.

  • Cubanita

    Yeah it was time for Farrah to go, shes pretty and dresses good, but thats just it lol. I like Gia….but girl leave everyone alone lol they’re going to hate you otherwise.

  • Made Jade

    been time for crybaby to go!!!!!!!!