RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Episode 4 – ‘Jersey Justice’

On episode 4, things get hectic as the queens take on roles as New Jersey litigants for a daytime courtroom reality show opposite Judge Michelle Visage. They later take to the runway to battle it out for the top spot.

  • daddysuke

    I’m glad Monique won, she really deserved it! Imo it was right that Latrice went home because she was starting to act arrogant and entitled. I laughed when she tried to break Trinity’s confidence and it backfired on her. Trinity is the worst person to choose to break down or roast, because she will throw YOU on the barbeque and roast your ass instead. She’s so honest and real, well..not her body because of all the plastic surgeries but atleast she’s real as a person. I love that about her. ”Villaintina” lol. I LOVED Monet’s runway look. I’m personally hoping for Manila, Naomi, Trinity and Valentina in the top 4, but considering how some of the queens are playing the game i’m sure it will play out pretty crazy and dramatic, and probably not the way i’m hoping to, still excited though…lol.

  • ria

    I feel like she never get it her all. Her energy was very different this season. Love her to pieces too

  • QBee

    Me too

  • CtheGod

    The mistake is in allowing the other queens method of elimination to deter her from her own motives for eliminating someone… The mistake is simply in not eliminating Valentina when she had the chance… Like they said they are no rules stating u eliminate the weakest performance. They aren’t judges they are competitors eliminating their own competition.


    This is the funniest ALL STARS season EVER, When Monique Heart explained what a booty-do was… I bout peed on myself. I am so using “booty-do”


    It was still sad to see Latrice go



  • 0liverae

    Valentina did better than Gia so I don’t see the mistake

  • QBee

    The right person was saved..I liked Latrice but she has been flopping for the last few challenges.

  • Monique did the right thing

  • Jorge Mansilla

    Omg. I gagged when RuPaul said “all star rules are suspended” bitch next week is going to be an episode to live for.

  • Savagery

    I Like Latrice, but the fact that she thought she should be saved because she had her 25 yrs in drag and that she was “beloved” was a load of horse shit. I am glad Monique saved her sis Monet, since that was the bull crap that Manilla was going to pull…besides performance wise in the last three epoisodes Monet has done better than Latrice, who seemed to be just getting by…

  • I LOOOOVE LaTrice BUT SHE was boring and coming across a little entitled this season. She said she didn’t want to stay because she was beloved but then she said she should stay bc she was beloved. She was mad AF she could have been more graceful.

  • Latrice judging only on her time on this season stayed way longer than he should have. he wasnt on the same level as everyone else.

  • Cubanita

    I was rooting for Latrice ! i wanted to see Latrice get saved by Manila but she did’nt do much dance moves against Monique