The Haves and The Have Nots Season 5 Episode 34 – ‘Speak Through It’

On the mid-season premiere, Katheryn is on a mission to put an end to the prostitution ring Candace is running in her hotel, and Mitch confirms that the money Benny owed his family was one of the reasons why they were after him. Meanwhile, Broderick informs Katheryn about Candace’s connections to Rocky.

  • The president may be good for Candace. Y’all hate candance so much, but everything she’s done was to mf survive. And when ya mother always calling you the devil and telling you she can’t stand you what do you think will happen? Point blank period… she was a rape baby and Hanna resented her. She loved Benny’s father even though he was a married man (sound familiar) and loves Benny. Soooooo… yeah.

    I hope candy gets to see how she should be treated and lives happily ever after (even though I’m sure TP won’t let that happen)

  • Straightshooter

    “How old was Erica?” Got em!

  • Straightshooter

    lol That’s that Jeffrey 2.0 model. I got no f*cks left for him Mama

  • Straightshooter

    IKYL Send me back over the border

  • Straightshooter

    Hannah with all that prayin you do your children still end up in the BS

  • Cynthia Watson

    Blackmail sime horny foreigners lol well go home then. Like i said they grown

  • India

    Tyler Perry …is a messy ass bitch
    Everything he said he wouldn’t do
    He has done…

  • India

    Nope …he should kill these shows and keep Madea …

  • Sue Garner

    take that bicthes off now frist lady he mean frist hoe that is really bad of tp we had a black frist lady and yall know who she is tp show some repect

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    You simple ass. She’s FORCING them into sex against their will via blackmail. That’s rape you imbecile

  • Cynthia Watson

    Its not rape they grown ass hell. Did u speak up that much when jim was fecking Candice. I despise ya kind putting non factual shit in the universe.

  • Lynn

    Tyler Perry need to get this cast some better wigs katherine been wearing that same wig since season 1

  • Lynn

    Yesss i was hoping they didn’t drag it 10 episodes

  • Lynn

    Of course veronica wouldn’t give us the satisfaction of dying


    Lawd I read these comments ya’ll had me dying & laughing in here. You Go Katherine with yo bad self get em girl. You know I hated Candace but she is just a product of her childhood and survival and I am glad that TP let us see a little of her grief and vulnerable side through it all I want her to win. Now that damn Veronica & Jim I need them to pay. Damn David is so FINE ooooh Lawd I’d nurse him back to health. Poor dumb Benny he gonna be alright. Poor Jeffery can’t catch a break.

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    I know this is just a poorly written soap opera but in this age of #MeToo is it cool for Katherine to be low-key raping those two young men, who are young enough to be her sons? She’s a straight up pimp at this point?

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    How many near death experiences has Benny been through now? He must be Superman?!

  • snookiecookie

    They take a break for a few months and come back with the same lame dialogue, boring scenes and bad acting (except for Hannah and Candace.) When will Tyler Perry ever learn?

  • Carrie Kittles

    What we’re not gonna do is keep letting Veronica get away with everything!!! Her attitude sucks and I just need Candace to get with her when she’s 1st lady. I’m kind of glad Candace has someone in her corner as simple minded as she is maybe she will realize it before it’s too late! Their all going to sh*t bricks when they find out who their 1st lady will be and the president knows all about her past and still wants her! I’m excited! Hannah drives me nuts she just gave up on Candace completely, no love in her heart it seems like! I know she was a rape baby but Candace acts like she acts as a result of her childhood! Poor Benny! He has to keep “almost dying!” His little body done been through it all smh! Poor David doesn’t have anyone besides Jeffrey smh so sad! Wyatt irritates the life out of me! Katherine ewwww who wants to freely hit that! Crazy this is does she even realize what’s she’s getting herself into when it comes to the prostitution ring. She gets so power crazy and doesn’t really think it through and ends up needing him or Veronica or David! But this battle she will lose for sure! She’s still bitter bcuz Jim was bussing Candace a** she figured she got the maid out the way but Candace is cut from a whole other cloth! I’m excited about this season!

  • Shakendria Murphy

    Chile if that aint the truth lmbooo

  • Nikkihatch

    I was worried I’d get tired of the show, but TP did it again can’t wait to see the season

  • queen454

    some of this was funny

  • Pebbles

    Veronica is vicious that FBI agent better be careful before he ends up toes up

    Katherine is vicious too.. no wonder they’re friends..

    Ole boy played himself

  • Shakendria Murphy

    Ive been waiting… im the 5 comment now i must watch!!!

  • Tima Yangala

    Candace is untouchable soo Katherine need let it go with her beef and hannah why u talkin bad about ur own daughter in front of ppl but when Katherine did it u told her thats my child and told her to stop