RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 Episode 5 – ‘Roast in Peace’

On episode 5, the All Stars compete in a comedy roast and must write and perform a “Rulogy” for a drag legend, Lady Bunny. Special guest judges Cecily Strong and Yvette Nicole Brown join the fun.

  • Pebbles

    I need money to work on the wigs now

  • Pebbles

    Would it include a check?

    Seriously! That’s a show because I’ve watched this show a very long time & there were a few who needed help

    Ru are you reading ? Drag queen boot camp & it was inipow idea first

  • Inipow

    Let’s start a campaign . Maybe we can become Ep’s ? Working on tag lines now .

  • Miss267


  • Chinkieyez 420

    Monet def won that lipsync battle and Valentina gotta go. Monet been puttin in werk hunty!!

  • Cubanita

    Monet is getting better with her runway looks ! She’s looking more expensive yassss . She was hilarious . Manila has been staying on top , she’s doing well

  • Pebbles

    Non told

  • Pebbles

    Hmmmm! Sounds like an idea for a new show

    “ Drag queen boot camp “

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    I low key think Valentina is either mentally ill or somewhere on the Autism spectrum.

  • Sirius Scarab

    There is something about Valentina’s drama that gives me life. In her confessionals it works but when she has to bring it in the challenges she falls flat.

  • Inipow

    Trinity, Monique and Valentino annoy me to no end . I was delighted to see.Trinity fail.the roast challenge , because she’s so critical of everyone else .Manila deserves the crown she is hands down the SUPER STAR QUEEN ! Although Monet won that lipsynch house down! Monique and Jasmine are the least attractive of the QUEENS and I keep hoping for a look that changes that . Rupaul needs to have a DRAG boot camp where struggle QUEENS can learn how to paint

  • Omg can’t wait for the next episode cliffhanger indeed.

  • Mandi

    Monet won that .. where’s the lie ?

  • shataya stewart


  • Eating Oreos

    Monet won the that lipsync! It weren’t no tie… Sue me…

  • Lovë 22

    RuPaul stay switching up the rules and I’ll always be here for it!!! From the looks of it I really hope RuPaul lets the eliminated queens lipsync and get rid of some of these other queens!


    She ready for the next episode… okaaay!

  • heyHONEY

    Lets get into this gig!!!