• Juanita Applebaum

    ill miss valentina but i approve. latrice had the best runway look and her club gear was cute and there team was the best so she won. if they would have tossed naomi i would have died, val gave no input but i do need naomi to get a sponsor she has too much going on to not be more sickening. trinity blew the bag because she didnt want to go against valentina. i tkink she picked naomi to win as well,

  • Casper Martinez

    I mean…I like Latrice, but I never thought she was one of the top queens even from past seasons. She always gets too in her feelings (her lip-synch against Monique being a prime example). I was genuinely surprised to see that she didn’t do the same thing here and pick Naomi to go home. Valentina, as much as I love her, just did not put in the work this time. But I keep thinking back to something I heard Manila talk about in a recent interview. Once you get on All-Stars, it really does not matter if you win or lose. You gain a SHIT TON of followers on top of the SHIT TON of money you’re making from touring and attending Drag Con (not to mention all the merch you sell). You’re already a winner, truly. Taking home the crown is really just for notoriety’s sake.

  • Inipow

    Yes !
    I must admit that she is looking progressively better . I really wish they had a paint each other challenge so the struggle QUEENS could learn from the others while still competing .

    We need no more of Latrice between her and Shangela I don’t know who has had more chances.

    Calling Latrice her BEASTIE , instead of BESTIE is BRILLIANT ! Especially since Latrice “thinks ” she’s such a beast at it

  • Pebbles


    This is episode is the best that I’ve ever seen Mone look …mone is going in the right direction. All I need now is for Monique to blend with properly.

    I’ve noticed that about Latrice a tad bit of arrogance and I need Manilla to get the head out of Latrice arse…. We get it Latrice is your beastie woohoo!

  • latrice hasnt changed same look. everyone else get better latrice still looks unpolished and cheap. im don im ready for drag race with vanjie and silky all stars is done

  • Maecl Lourde Romaneo

    Uh oh Latrice, Valentina’s angry fans are about to start badmouthing you and calling you all types of fat N-word bitches and worse. One thing they hate is when a black queen sends their girl home, just ask Nina Bonina Brown…
    On another note Ru looked personally shook and a little ticked off at Latrice’s decision…y’all see that look she gave Latrice? Shaaade hunty…

  • Inipow

    Yes Monet has but she still NEEDS TONS MORE POLISH!
    I can’t figure out the draw to Latrice , she annoys me and is far more arrogant than she should be in my opinion .

  • Inipow

    Truly she wasn’t!

  • Inipow

    I agree that GHEDUO, Monique and Monet should have won the club scene.
    But I also enjoyed Naomis club , so what do I know ?

  • Inipow

    I’m soooooooooo soooo glad VALENTINA is gone . She and Gia were my worse personalities. Yes they paint for PHILTH and TURN A RUNWAY . They were not much more than that . Pageant QUEENS and definitely not WORK DOLLS. No creativity and certainly not impromptu comedy chops . Truth is I’m not a fan of the MEAN GIRL QUEEN . Trinity is next on my list of unlikable QUEENS.


    Although I do enjoy GHEDUO (ghetto duo) Monique and Monet I just don’t think they are polished enough.

  • Sherree Lee


  • R C

    Valentina kills me lmfao. She gives me life. She makes the show. When Monique was dressed like the alien that was my favorite look she’s ever had in my opinion. But that V.I.B club was the beezneez lmfao. But ooohhhh heelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll to the naw naw naw! They didn’t eliminate the star herself. The fantasy is over as we know it. But not for long cause she’ll be on rent. So get it diva!

  • Dizzii Nelly

    4th chance but as Latrice recalls “All Star” didn’t count at all so its her 3rd time smh like girl bye u been on this show longer than Ru loll and its his show lmao

  • Dizzii Nelly

    Like seriously at this point IDC who wins long as it ain’t Latrice I feel Ru has given her chance after chance and it ain’t fair trinity killed the lip sync buuuut oh well. Naomi congrats u stayed. Smh I do think Monet and MoniqueHeart had a really good club looked super fun I wish they would have won the challenge because as a team they did well and the judges had lots of fun.. SMH poor valentina she was stunning.

  • kinky twist

    Latrice SHOULD NOT BE BACK!!! she was not all that .

  • GMoney

    This is my first time really seeing Ru do favoritism because my goodness he is letting Latrice won everything and she’s not even that good!! She’s not bringing anything new to the table. Monique and Monae’s club was bomb. They should have been the winners and Trinity did kill that lip sync. For me, you gotta hold my attention and that she does. I actually love me some Ms. trinity. It’s like that bitch says everything that I’m thinking about everyone. & you can tell she’s a cool Judy but she wants to win and I love it. Her & Manila are the most solid

  • blowjabba dahut

    All signs pointed to Monet and Monique winning. I call shade. Latrice wins after she made that face of confusion during the skit.

  • kayla

    trinity in the lipsync was so funny lmao. But I believe Monet and Monique should’ve won the challenge. Their club looked like better time and all the judges kept saying they had loads of fun

  • Made Jade

    about time Latrese started bringing all star looks. This the first in my opinion.

  • I love V aww I’m sad ..

  • Keith

    Thank you for lowering the quality. It plays perfect now.

  • Lacy4u

    Valentina was soooo lucky last episode. If Ru hadn’t changed the game, Valentina would’ve gone home. I still don’t agree that Latrice Royale should’ve stayed but it’s Ru’s choice and final decision. Let’s see what Latrice does with her 2nd or is it 4th chance?