• QBee

    Didn’t they grow up in America…why in the hell are they speaking English like imbeciles…’I will be more ‘conscious’ of what I say’…fucqen moron!

  • Khalil

    Thank you!! God its so annoying! She acts like Pure Blanco is uncut cocaine and she is the second coming of Griselda Blanco…. She is trying so hard to be this Columbian Mafia Queen and please believe the first sign of some real gangsta shit she will be on the first plane outta Miami.


    I don’t like Stephanie one bit, she’s a shit friend to Kat


    Marie brought Nicole to the group…


    Marie sounds EXACTLY like Danielle from Hustle In Brooklyn

  • Debra Irabor

    nicole forever researching people 🙁 sis should become a detective ! -.-

  • Stona Lisa

    Yes & tell the girl to Google you & get mad at what she found! lol.

  • Amerie

    Nicole is giving me life yasss! haha

  • mxnssas

    Woah Marie be doing webcam shit behind her partners back? That’s kinda crazy…

  • Prive

    Marie said to mike it was one time yet in her confessionals she says there were times. , I think he knew already either way.

  • Chanise

    This was the best episode lmao

  • Su Ja

    Giselle Rosario get it girl hahahahahaha.
    I like messy ass nichole

  • Meg Fleckney

    Ahaaaaaaaaa Marie was shaken. This show is horrible but I cant stop watching it. Tupperware women amuse me.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Ymmmmmmm why didn’t tatu baby stand up for her bestie ??? These girls have talked about her and she has yet to do something.

  • Xoxopinkey

    I don’t like the new girl.

  • Xoxopinkey

    Ol boy in the background all in the camera lmao.

  • Xoxopinkey

    right thats how i feel. own up to your ish. this is a prime example of ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”..she shouldve never went diggin on ol girl especially when you have dirt on your name like that.

  • Stona Lisa

    Lmao Marie dn’t do something if you’re gonna be embarrassed about it later smh you did it put dem big girl panties on & deal w.it

  • Stona Lisa

    Marie’s so annoying she seems like a wanna be Griselda Blanco

  • Doris G

    I am so wrong, but I like Marie fire and ice for some reason, she makes me laugh. Marie is the real FYRE FESTIVAL!!!!!

  • R C

    Marie is so unlikable lmfao. And damn Nichole needs to learn how to throw them hands although Stephanie should of smacked the fire out of Marie.