• Cyntrell Hogan

    All the tea is on twitter. So apparently Marie’s whole story line about her family is fake. And the reason she was in jail on this episode is because she got drunk and beat her mom at her house. I can’t even.

  • Miss Krissy

    I agree with u…marie seems so damn negative like everytime she comes around theres something going on. Her a.. wana be hard one min the next shes crying n etc. Michael could’ve done way better she carrys her self real trashy look at the party she was so drunk and loud. Isnt she the oldest well if not she looks it!!! Ijs

  • not realistic

    What the hell happened at the end?

  • LaNiece Robinson

    She beat ole girl ass and went to jail….

  • Prive

    There’s no next week that was season finale.

  • L in the know

    lmfao…. yep I suppose it does.

  • L in the know

    She looks like a vegas showgirl, definitely not your friends listening party outfit.

  • khads

    THAT ENDING was some BULLLLLLLL I don’t even care what happens lol I’m so mad
    How u gonna end on some foolishness like that

  • Biyonsay

    So Dayana’s a fake lesbian I see.

  • Biyonsay

    Nicole’s outfit was trash and she looks ridiculous. That being said, the show is boring without her, the last 2 episodes were boring

  • Imalay

    I’m sorry but Nicole gets on my nerves and what the fuck was she wearing ? I thought it was supposed to be stephanie’s show not hers ?! And I love Marie that’s my babygurl her and kat , but why would they end it like that for real for real , I wonder whose ass did Marie beat up cause she the one who went to the jail cell nobody else guess we’ll find out next week !!!!

  • Imalay

    Lmfaoo riiight

  • Imalay

    I swear I was thinking the same thing I can’t stand her at all she’s my least favorite !!!

  • Jo•Jo

    Wtf? Really?

  • rp

    She looks so stupid!!!

  • kyla245

    Stephanie has a lot of room to grow as a performer, but she wasn’t bad.

  • Chinkieyez 420

    Welp that answers our question, she’s definitely fkn the homie Wayne.


    Nicole’s outfit is ridiculous , She
    looks so stupid


    I wish they would understand that Marie only expects that level of loyalty because she puts EVERYTHING into her friends as she has nobody else. It doesn’t make it right but none of them are perfect either.


    Stephanie is so self centered…she should respect that it’s not for her to bring parents together.

  • R C

    Lil Wayne is not Stephanie’s “boss” lmfao. And Marie dramática. Lol

  • bossrere

    marie is so damn annoying