WATCH: Get familiar with the cast of Baller Wives as they dish on the woes of dating pro athlete’s

Stepping up to the plate next as somewhat of a hybrid of Basketball Wives and WAGS, is VH1’s latest reality series Baller Wives which follows the lavish and eventful lives of athlete’s and their spouses as the navigate the wild streets of Miami. Get familiar with the cast members and more below.


Baller Wives is the new docu-series capturing the world of legendary professional athletes’ wives and how together they made millions and settled in Miami to raise their families and start the next phase of their lives. Baller Wives will follow these women as they reveal what it means to be the wife of a superstar player – from the drama and conflict that comes when these ladies get together to the crazy times that happens when their families have fun in Miami. This show balances the drama, conflict, and fun of raising families and raising hell in one of the wildest beach cities on the East Coast and there are endless stories to be told.

They all have been in the same social circles for years, friends and enemies have formed over many interactions, good and bad. For these ladies, this is not new and different for them, they all know each other or know of each other – the world of legendary pro athletes is small and the wives know the status of each and every one of them. Rumors are circulating amongst the group and alliances have begun to form…will the women lift each other up or break down the walls of friendship and femininity? -VH1