WATCH: Tamar Braxton goes HAM on Anthony Weiner and his wife on Fox’s “The Real”

Never one to really hold her tongue, Tamar Braxton went HAM on Fox’s new daytime yap fest called “The Real” while discussing disgraced politician Anthony Weiner and his wife. Weiner was busted for sending out photos of his weener to various model chicks, he later apologized for the sexting but it was just recently revealed that he actually continued on with the freaky pic posting even after apologizing to America and his wife.

Weiner’s wife came out in defense of the politician in a press conference stating that she will still continue to stand by him and work on their marriage even though he has continued on with his life as a weener sexting bandit, well that doesn’t sit too well with Tamar and she didn’t waste anytime sharing her feelings about it.