90’s R&B star Shanice plots a new reality show with husband Flex Alexander, speaks on being axed from R&B Divas

After the recent re-emergence of the vocal powerhouses from R&B Divas Atlanta and R&B Divas LA there have been rumors circulating about some other adored songbirds that were actually up for consideration to be part of the R&B Divas franchise but was turned down such as Blu Cantrell, Sunshine Anderson, Jazmin Sullivan and Kameelah Williams from 702 who I last heard is still up for consideration and is set to be part of Season 3 of R&B Divas ATL.. but it has yet to be confirmed.

Now in somewhat surprising news, the beautiful singer Shanice recently revealed in an interview with UrbanBridgez that she too was also up for consideration for R&B Divas but got the axe unfortunately, but she’s still optimistic about her reality show hopes now that she is in the process of developing a new show with her husband actor Flex Alexander..

“I don’t want to give up too much information, but it is a family show. So you’ll see my kids, me working on my stuff as well as Flex working on his stuff. Different projects and television shows he’s been creating. You’ll see the family as a whole.”

Shanice also revealed that she wanted to be part of R&B Divas but she that she didn’t make the cut..

“He mentioned that he wanted me to be apart of the show, but there are other people involved. There’s a network, other producers, etc. I don’t know, but I didn’t make the cut. It’s actually a blessing because now I have my own show on the table. I still support it, I TiVo it so I watch every week. It’s no hard feelings or anything, everything happened the way it was supposed to. I’m actually more excited about my situation I’m in now”

The songbird later went on to give her thoughts on the show stating…

“Well I think it’s an amazing show. I know all of the women on both cast, except Claudette, I’ve never met her. I think the shows are very good and entertaining. It definitely makes you want to see what’s going to happen on the next episode (laughs). There is a lot of drama, more than I expected. That’s why I’m kind of glad I’m not on the show because I am very, very nice. But I’m not going to let anybody bully me! So I would hate for the world to see that other side that I do have balled up inside of me. I wouldn’t want that other side to come out.” (UrbanBridgez)