Benzino from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta lands his own spin-off show “Sucker For Love”

If you thought that Flavor Flav being a “desirable bachelor” was hard to believe then get a load of the next old man to land a reality show so that more young girls with low self-esteem can chase after them on national television…it’s the walking chicken nugget himself, Benzino, who supposedly now has his own “Flavor Of Love” type show in the works called “Sucker For Love”..

I don’t know who’s idea this is but it’s a joke on all levels, outside of his obsession with selfies and his belief that the gym is the cure to ugly..he’s a cornball and we all know that the chicks that’ll go on that show will only be looking for TV fame and not for that old chicken nugget so I definitely won’t be putting this one on my must-see list. More on this bad news below..


-S2S reports;

Despite his friends’ poor relationship decisions, Benzino is always there to offer them his advice about how to get their love lives together. Unfortunately, Dr. Love hasn’t been able to strike up a romance of his own, though not for lack of trying. Remember how he was cuddled up with Lil Scrappy’s new girl Bambi last season on “LHHA” and Karlie Redd before her? Well, with Mona Scott-Young’s help Benzino will find The One on a new show that’s tentatively titled “Sucker For Love.”

“Sucker For Love” will be produced by newlyweds Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Benzino joyfully announced his spin-off on Twitter, letting all of his female followers know that they might have a shot with him. “LADIES, GET READY FOR MY NEW REALITY SHOW COMMING SOON!!! INFO ON CASTING IN A WEEK!! IT’S GONE BE CRAYYYYYYYYYYZZZZZYYYYYYY!,” he tweeted earlier this week. (S2S)