Mo’Nique hosts the Love & Hip Hop NY reunion show and lands a new talk show on BET?


The cast of Love & Hip Hop Season 4 recently hooked back up to tape the reunion show and this time instead of reality show hustla Mona Scott Young waving her pimp hand across the stage bullying the cast again the network wisely tapped comedienne Mo’Nique to host the yap fest, the news was confirmed as the cast started to leak photo’s from the taping on Instagram.

News is also starting to circulate that Mo’Nique has just landed a brand new talk show with BET after having her late-night talk show axed from the network a few years ago, more on that below…

-Vibe reported;

BET disappointed Mo’Nique fans when they cancelled her late night talk show in 2011. Since then, the comedian has laid low on the professional front, but continues to motivate her Twitter followers with daily fitness updates. Today (July 10), rumors are swirling that the Academy Award winner has reunited with the network to develop a new show.

Although both parties remain mum on details, it comes as no surprise since Mo’Nique has worked extensively with BET in the past as host of their annual awards show. (Vibe)