Ex-Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan sued for 170K

It appears that Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan shares the same sentiment as I do in regards to “copyrights” but she has a few bitter, cranky, grumpy folks over at G & G Closed Circuit Events that are now on her back and making a huge fuss over her broadcasting one of their crappy boxing matches without permission at her Cali sports bar ‘Kimball’s Carnival’.

This could be the typical copyright bullsh*t that’ll most likely be dismissed in court like the rest usually are… or maybe not.

-RadarOnline reports;

Govan was slapped with a lawsuit on Nov. 26, 2013 by G & G Closed Circuit Events, who claims that her bar, Kimball’s Carnival, unlawfully broadcast a boxing match and profited from it. “On December 1, 2012, Defendant Laura Sylvia Mendoza Govan, or by specifically directed the employees of Kimball’s Carnival to unlawfully intercepted and broadcast Plaintiff’s Program at Kimball’s Carnival,” the lawsuit reads...

“The actions of the employees of Kimball’s Carnival are directly imputable to Defendant by virtue of ownership of Kimball’s Carnival.” G & G Closed Circuit claims that as a “commercial distributor and licensor of sporting events,” Govan maliciously acted in an attempt to harm the company without paying a licensing fee. The company is therefore asking for $170,000 in judgement for the violation of the federal law and their attorneys’ fees. (RO)