WATCH: Marlo Hampton talks explosive fallout with NeNe Leakes and explains what makes Kandi and Phaedra “Fat girls”

Underneath Marlo Hampton’s designer threads and etiquette lessons lies a firecracker who’ll waste no time putting paws on a chick if her buttons are pushed the wrong way, most of that was witnessed recently in an episode of RHOA as Hampton ran up on NeNe Leakes and gave her an epic verbal smack down that was heard around the world and included a classic diss of NeNe’s Donald Trump-ish hair situation that will live on forever in the book of ratchet reality TV klassiks…

In a recent interview Marlo opens up about her fallout with Leakes and the current status of their friendship following the melee, she also goes on to explain why she see’s Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss as “fat girls”….

-NeNe Leakes Blog

I never need to speak on the Marlo situation because she’s not important and not a part of this cast, but I supported Marlo and helped her unselfishly when nobody wanted her around! I will repeat: NOBODY! Some of these girls felt like because of Marlo’s criminal background, the fact that she slashed a friends face with a knife and disfigured her over a man, they didn’t want her around!

I looked past that and really tried to see her heart! I was honest to a fault with her and a true loyal friend. Say what you want but there are rules to friendship! Everyone that knows me knows that I am a loyal friend and I expect the same in return.NeNe Leakes