BBWLA’s Malaysia and Brandi defends Brittish Williams reasons for being ok with her husband cheating

When a lil birdie tossed this clip in my inbox of Malaysia Pargo and Brandi Maxielle discussing this whole Lorenzo Gordon and Brittish Williams cheating deal I nearly fell out of my J’s laughing at the title in the subject line…Is the black girl the new white girl?…It may have been a lil “eye-rolling” at first to read something so lame but then I decided to just take a few seconds and watch the clip to see where they were coming from…

In the clip the bangin Basketball Wives LA stars took time out during their interview to address comments that Williams made not too long ago about being ok with her baller cheating as long as she didn’t know about it, and their unusual response to the subject at hand was what I think may have prompted my crazy loyal BrokenSilenze viewer to ask me… “Damn, Is the black girl the new white girl?”…Eh? who knows???