Want to attend a live taping of Lil Scrappy’s new talk show? Go behind the scenes of The Prince Of The South’s new talk show “Keepin It 1K”

Is Lil Scrappy the next Montel Wlliams? Well maybe Montel with just a dash of ratchet we can say, The Prince Of The South has taken his Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fame and skyrocketed it to new heights by landing his own reality TV based talk show here in town where him and his crew takes on some of today’s hottest topics such as legalizing weed

Well Scrappy holds his live tapings over at the Beauty & Hookah Lounge on Peters street and it’s always an eventful time, so I suggest that all of ATL’s chickenheads, boosters, groupies, dope dealers, thirsty reality star wannabe’s need to head on over there and let Scrappy give you a few words of wisdom…