WATCH: The Cast of ‘Married At First Sight’ chops it up with the ladies of The View about the controversy and public backlash surrounding the show


The cast of the new controversial reality show ‘Married At First Sight’ have been facing a mountain of backlash from viewers for quite a few reasons, but the one that’s receiving the majority of the hate would be Monet who have ignited mass discussion as she is being labeled as “the typical black woman” whose ego, attitude, and pride is so tough that’s it’s to their detriment. In a nutshell it’s being voiced that these traits have put Black women in a position of being unable to be as affectionate and submissive as most men desire from a woman, ultimately leaving the majority un-married and upset about black men dating outside of their race..

Well Monet recently gave her haters another reason to throw a few disses her way as she admitted during her recent stop at The View that she was actually the only one of the ladies to have sex with her new guy on the first night that they met on the show, peep out their candid interview under the hood…