WATCH: Tatyana Ali opens up about how her “good hair” with dark skin got her singled out a lot as a child

Tatyana Ali recently sat down for an interview with VladTV and for some odd reason he decided to indirectly ask her about how she feels about having “good hair” and what she did to “make it like that”.. I could be trippin’ but a few thoughts came to my mind.. Is this offensive or nah? Is a Black woman having nice hair shocking, new, or rare? What’s “bad hair” then? White boys care about Black hair care regimens?

By Vlad being a white I guess this is where his curiosity lies, but instead of just asking the question directly he decided to disguise it as an inquiry “for the women who are obsessed with her hair”… **blank stare** I thought that they had hair magazines for that but I guess this is the new Hip Hop.. Or maybe he just threw the “obsessed women” part in so that he won’t seem feminine for asking hair questions? Eh? Who knows, but of course she fell for the bait and got on some Raven Symone sh*t about having “Indian in her family” and so on… Peep it out after the jump