WATCH: With promo for their new reality series now in full swing Flex Alexander and Shanice chops it up with the ladies of ‘The Real’

By her still having better sangin’ chops than 99.9% of the singers that are out today it’s still kinda hard to believe that R&B belle Shanice didn’t make the cut for R&B Divas after she says that she met with the network execs with hopes of joining the cast of the hit TVOne show.. Producers chose Latavia Roberson to fill the spot instead..

But Shanice’s quest to use reality television as a tool to put her back on the map didn’t end there as she then later added the star power of her husband Flex Alexander and headed on over to the OWN network to pitch their now green-lit series ‘Flex & Shanice’ that’s set to premiere on November 1st. Lift the lid to check out the couples recent appearance on ‘The Real’ as they chop it up about their venture into the reality TV world…