WATCH: The old saying “Bro’s Before Ho’s” comes to life as HBO tackles the subject in the wild sizzle reel for their new series “Bro’s”

Ben Cory Jones decided to step outside of the box and develop a TV series that was loosely based on his life as a gay man with 2 close straight brothers in effort to shake things up a lil bit on the airwaves, and when he mixed those family elements along with the backdrop of the wild Los Angeles dating scene and a few drinks..he came up with a pretty entertaining concept to pitch that was just snatched up by the execs over at HBO titled ‘Bro’s Before Ho’s’.

He recently had this to say to about the project..

Ben Cory Jones;

“Bros Before Ho’s isn’t a black story or a gay story it’s a family story about three brothers, who happen to be black, and one who happens to be gay. There seem to be more stories that deal with the interior lives of black women, but it’s hard to find stories that deal with the interior lives of black men. We’re either thugs or athletes, but there’s so much more to who we are that falls in between that spectrum. It’s ironic that in 2014, and even with a black president, one of the hardest things to be in this country right now is a young black man.”

“This kind of material resonates deeply within both Mark and I as African-American men, as production friendly filmmakers and as industry professionals. We both know so many people, not just African-Americans, who question why there isn’t more programming that reflects the growing diversity of the American experience, so it’s incredibly satisfying to be a part of something that might otherwise be overlooked or ignored.” -Ben Cory Jones/IndieWire