WATCH: The new cast members of Love and Hip Hop New York Season 5 opens up about their biggest fears

People have been bitching and complaining over the upcoming airing of VH1’s Sorority Sisters, Love & Hip Hop NY, and Bye Felicia claiming that the shows feed into the negative stereotypes of minorities, but is something really a “stereotype” when it’s actually true? The ratchet antics that you see from reality stars on-screen can also be seen off-screen in any major city or hood in this country from everyday people, most of what people see on reality shows is definitely an accurate reflection of how folks are talking and acting nowadays in society..

I say that if you don’t like something then don’t watch it, get over it and move on. Check out the new cast of Love & Hip Hop NY Season 5 below and tune in for the premiere on December 15th…