WATCH: VH1 ‘Real Chance Of Love’ star Ahmad Givens reveals that his colon cancer has spread to his liver and lungs “You have to come to the realization that you’re going to die”

Ahmad “Real” Givens garnered a huge fan base back in 2007 after shaking things up with his brother “Chance”on VH1’s hit reality shows I Love New York and Real Chance Of Love, but after battling stage 4 colon cancer over the past few years Givens have faded from the limelight and into a world of chemotherapy and multiple surgeries to save his life..

He recently took to Instagram to share that he haven’t been feeling too well lately and that the tumors have spread to his liver, brain and lungs.. Due to the extensive damage to his veins from the radiation he also can no longer receive medication by needle and had to have a port inserted into his arm so that he will be able to receive further treatment. Check out his revealing interview detailing his health battle below..

-Ahmad Givens;

So yesterday they took me off chemo completely cause none of it works anymore. So I have about 4 clinical trials to choose from which look really promising. My tumors have a rare mutation and supposedly they have new medicine to target my tumors. Its suppose to stop the tumor mutation from spreading and shrink the tumors. So we will see. I don’t let this stuff bring me down, I just roll with the punches. Love yall and have a blessed day. Ahmad Givens/Instagram

Interview begins at the 5:00 mark