Love & Hip Hop New York’s Chrissy Monroe lights up the cover of I’Adore Magazine

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Love & Hip Hop New York firecracker Chrissy Monroe is continuing to play her part in helping put ratchet White girls on the map by lacing up in her best ghetto-fabolous couture and gracing the pages of I’Adore Magazine, in her latest photo shoot she definitely aims to give the term “granny panties” a new meaning as she strips down to the bare essentials for the steamy photo shoot..

Being that Chink Santana referred to the Magazine flicks as “hoe pics” I guess it’s safe to assume that the direction of the shoot didn’t really sit too well with him.. But now that the behind the scenes footage from the photo session has aired for the world to see on episode 10, check out the final cover shot for yourself and be the judge.