BLAZIN CLIP: When confronted about his lack of sex-drive Todd Tucker shuts Kandi down with a fiery diss “It’s not like you’re Rihanna”


It looks like Kandi Burruss may have spent a little too much of her free time playing with dildo’s and poom-poom tightening balls to notice that her husband Todd has been completely turned-off by her nightly hair bonnet and unflattering bedroom pajama’s above other things, so much so that she is now convinced that he’s been cheating on her and is now in desperate need of marriage counseling..

But while Todd continues to conveniently dip out to the west coast regularly to do a little mingling with a few LA cuties on the side, watch as Burruss puts everything on pause to finally address the issue head-on in this scene from Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7..