BLAZIN CLIP: Watch as Rich Dollaz break the rules and get freaky with Diamond Strawberry in this scene from LHHNY Season 5


Since we all collectively agree that Diamond Strawberry was a bird for ditching her child on the west coast to go chase a dude around New York, it shouldn’t be too shocking to see that the “aspiring model” may be willing to do just about anything to stay on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop bus a lil longer and get a little more air-time after being kicked to the curb by Cisco..

In a move that’s just about as random as Lil Fizz’s hook-up with Nikki on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Rich Dollaz decided to take advantage of the thirst and extend her misplaced tenure on the show by sleeping with her behind Cisco’s back. The freaky move pretty much solidifies his spot on the roster for season 6 so that he can make some extra cash to pay his back child support, and it also gives Diamond another reason to leave her daughter in LA for a few more months. So I guess it’s a win-win for the both of them eh? Peep out the clip below..