BLAZIN CLIP: Watch as Nene Leakes feels the wrath of the other wives while battling it out during their group therapy session

Now that the ego’s of all of the housewives have gotten so big that they can barely fit into the same room with each other anymore, it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to squeeze out another season using the same cast. Some of the wives have gotten so “Hollywood” that they are afraid to have any natural fun on camera anymore due to fear of social media backlash from their fan bases who rather see them fight, and the salary demands from the cast grow higher each season with some wives even requesting full beauty squad’s to be on deck prior to filming any scenes..

With ratings being lower this season I’m sure that their starting to max out their Bravo budgets, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the network went and grabbed a fresh set of ATL feline’s for Season 8 that are willing to cat fight on-screen for half the fee. But for now watch as the ladies try to mend their broken relationships in this scene from their group therapy session..