WATCH: Diamond Strawberry & Jhonni Blaze give ratchet recaps of their cat fight for VH1’s ‘Check Yourself’ series


It was just a few short months ago that all of the bougie Black self-righteous folks were launching petitions and boycotting VH1’s new reality show Sorority Sisters for it supposedly “showing our people in a bad light”, but I find it funny that these same hypocrites tune in to Love & Hip Hop in droves every week religiously without a petition or complaint in sight. Yall lame. That’s why I stay away from social media like the plague, people nowadays are like sheep with no brains who will hop on any bandwagon that crosses their “timeline”..

Peep Love & Hip Hop New York’s Diamond Strawberry and Jhonni Blaze getting hella ratchet in VH1’s ‘Check Yourself’ series episode 12..