WATCH: Empire’s Bryshere Gray walks into the Lion’s Den and catches heat from Ebro during his interview with Hot 97


Bryshere Gray plays a spoiled rich kid on television but he says that growing up in the Philly slums was a far cry away from the flashy upbringing of his Empire character ‘Hakeem’, but after starting out early in the game under the rap moniker ‘Yazz’ the rookie has now worked his way up from the bottom seemingly overnight by capitalizing off of a built-in fanbase from the show and lending his talents to the hit Timbaland-produced soundtrack that’s quickly rising to the top of the charts..

Due to the massive success of the show Bryshere have been trying hard to separate his on-screen persona from his real life personality but it’s hard not to notice the similarities, get to know the rising star a little better as he chops it up about his blooming career and his upbringing in a new interview with Hot 97..