WATCH: Taraji P Henson explains to Steve Harvey why most men don’t deserve to date her “Im a grown woman..”


It’s bad enough that some “good men” are intimidated by assertive women with feisty attitudes, but it’s still not clear on whether it’s actually bad for the man or in fact bad for the woman. No man wants a woman who pressures him to meet some kind of list of unrealistic expectations or standards that she has formed in her head, so those “good men” will usually seek elsewhere for dating and those women usually end up lonely..

Empire’s Taraji P Henson says that most men doesn’t deserve to date her because of her “status” and that she doesn’t claim the ones that she does date unless their willing to marry her, I’m not sure how far this mentality will get her in the romance department but I think that this mentality unfortunately represents that of a lot of people these days. Check out the clips from her appearance below..