BLAZIN CLIP: Guess who’s going to catch the most heat during the Real Housewives Of ATL Season 7 Reunion?


The Real Housewives of ATL Season 7 just wrapped up filming for the reunion show a few days ago and from what I’ve been hearing they were able to pull it off this time without anybody get snatched up by their mane and dragged, but according to show producer Andy Cohen the ladies still delivered a reunion that was very “surprising” and “different” so I guess we’ll see how it all plays out when it airs in multiple parts over the next few weeks..

I’m sure that you’ve already heard that Kandi and Todd just landed their own spin-off show titled ‘Meet The Tuckers’ that should be making its way to Bravo soon, but in the meantime catch up with the ladies as they give their early thoughts on the Season 7 reunion in the clip below..