Bad Girls Club firecracker Tanisha Thomas lands her own talk show titled ‘Crazy Talk’


It wasn’t too long ago that there were whispers around the industry that Bad Girls Club boss Tanisha Thomas had been added to the cast of the hit show ‘Orange Is The New Black’, but those rumors were quickly crushed after the producers came forward and denied her involvement in the new Season..

Tanisha instead went on to grab a few of her friends to kick off her new reality series ‘Girlfriend Intervention’ that pretty much played into every stereotype of Black women known to mankind and was a ratings disaster for the network, but now Thomas is licking her chops once again as she prepares to grab the reigns for her own reality television based talk show titled ‘Crazy Talk’ that just got the green light from Oxygen..


Crazy Talk: Hosted by Tanisha Thomas and Ben Aaron (WNBC’s “New York Live”), the fast-paced, laugh-out-loud first-run comedic syndicated daily program raises an eyebrow on the most outlandish and sometimes bizarre moments on reality television.


Taped in front of a live studio audience, this half-hour series filled with raw and hilarious banter also invites reality stars to rehash their “15 minutes of fame” and provide insight behind their most-watched clips. -Oxygen