BLAZIN JOINT: Love & Hip Hop New York’s Olivia Longott creates an ode to bad b*tches with her new single ‘Posing’


Olivia came in the game swinging back on the early 2000’s with her debut self-titled album showcasing both her rap and singing skills, and as she spit out a host of curse words on tracks between angelic vocals with ease she kinda carved out a lane of her own for a moment. But after making claims that her old racy tracks and feisty image were just a product of the puppets over at her record label J Records, she kinda fell off of peoples radars for a while before re-emerging with G-Unit and later hopping on the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York..

Now in somewhat of an homage to her original sound Olivia just cooked up a new edgy joint ‘Posing’ which plays out as an ode to the ladies, check it out below..